Shoreline stability modelling study of the Oyoun Moussa Power Plant, Suez Gulf of Red Sea, Egypt, 2017.:

Created at:2021-09-07

Prepared by:Hydraulics Research Institute

With regard to meet the increasing power demand in Egypt, Ministry of Electricity and Energy plans to build Ayoun Moussa Coal-Fired Power Plant with maximum a power capacity of 6×660 MW. The plant will be provided with a water desalination unit and will be built at the eastern coast of the Suez Gulf near the existing Ayoun Moussa Power Plant. A jetty and offshore facilities for mooring the ships transporting coal to the plant will be constructed. In this study, the impact of the proposed offshore structures of the plant on the shoreline stability was investigated. The 1D shoreline numerical model was used to simulate the shoreline changes due to the waves and tidal forces. The model was also used to predict the impact of both rock fill causeway and pile supported jetty structures on the stability of the shoreline in the vicinity of the plant and the surrounding area.