Hydrothermal modeling study of Oyoun Moussa Power Plant, Suez Gulf of Red Sea, Egypt, 2017:

Created at:2021-09-07

Prepared by:Hydraulics Research Institute

With regard to meet the increasing power demand in Egypt, Ministry of Electricity and Energy is planning to build Ayoun Moussa Coal-Fired Power Plant with a maximum power capacity of 6×660 MW. A water desalination unit will be built within the plant and will use the steam produced from the turbines as energy source for the desalination unit. The plant is located at the eastern coast of the Suez Gulf near the existing Ayoun Mouss Power Plant. Hydraulics Research Institute was commissioned to carry out hydrothermal and morphological modelling studies to test the proposed intake and outfall seawater system layouts of the new plant from the hydrothermal and morphological point of view. The current study presents the hydrodynamic and hydrothermal numerical modelling to investigate the recirculation of effluents released from the plant outfall to its intake and to the existing plant. The plume spreading around the plant is investigated. The numerical model development, calibration and model scenarios are presented.