Hydrothermal modelling study of the Qena Power Plant, Egypt, 2016:

Created at:2021-09-07

Prepared by:Hydraulics Research Institute

With regard to meet the increasing power demand in Egypt the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company, Ministry of Electricity and Energy plans to build new power plants to increase the electricity production to fulfil the future demand of electricity. It is planned to build a new power Plant which is Qena Power Plant with capacity of 2×650 MW at Qena Governorate. The representative of Egyptian Electricity Holding Company (EEHC) requested the Hydraulic Research institute, (HRI), to investigate the feasibility of the proposed location of the new power plant on the Nile River from the recirculation and plume transport point of view. The study aims to investigate the transport and advection of the thermal plume due to the effluent discharge after the operation of the new proposed plant, in addition to study the morphological impact of the new plant in its vicinity.