3D Hydrothermal Numerical Modelling Study for The Repairing Process to the Combined cycle unit Sidi Krir Power Plant, 2015.:

Created at:2021-09-07

Prepared by:Hydraulics Research Institute

Sidi Krir Power plant consists of four steam units and the recently added combined cycle units. The outfall discharge of the combined cycle units is an offshore pipeline. This pipeline was recently broken. West Delta Electricity Production Company wants to repair the damages that have been occurred to this discharge pipeline. The repairing process may lead to a new discharge system of this unit which may affect the recirculation and heat transport in the plant vicinity. Moreover, morphological changes of the sea bed may occur in the vicinity of the repaired outfall. To avoid such problems which may occur after repairing the outfall pipeline, hydrothermal and morphological modelling studies are strongly recommended. The company requested the Hydraulics Research Institute to carry out the hydrothermal modelling study to investigate the effect of the repair of the damaged outfall pipeline of Sidi Krir Power Plant and mitigate its negative impact, if any.