Hydrodynamic and morphological modelling studies for sedimentation problem in the Approach Channel of Damietta Port, Mediterranean Sea, Egypt, 2018.:


Prepared by:Hydraulics Research Institute

Damietta harbour is suffering from sedimentation, which took place in the vicinity of the western breakwater structure of Damietta harbour. This accumulation of sediments may cause blockage to the entrance of the harbour, creating hazards for vessels and cargo ships during their approach to the harbour and perhaps preventing larger ones from entering the harbour. The cost of dredging is high due to the large quantities of sedimentation, and the high rate of increase in dredging costs affects the economy of the harbour. Mitigation measures to this problem were proposed to minimize sedimentation problem affecting the entrance of the harbour. The feasibility of such proposed solutions to the sediment deposition problem inside the approach channel are needed to be studied. HRI was commissioned by Adaptation to Climate Change in the Nile Delta, ICZM Project to study the above mentioned problem.