Bio data of DR.Ahmed Medhat Ismail Abd Elhamid

Job title:Researchers at HRI

Email Address:

Dr. Abd Elhamid is a researcher at Hydraulics Research Institute in the National Water Research Center. He has more than 20 years’ experience in applied research on river hydraulics, Hydrology, applied research on water management processes, and mathematical modeling of the Engineering problems. He had membership in different national and regional commissions regarding Nile River issues. He got his Ph. D. Degree in the field of Ground Water Management on December 2014, from Helwan University, while his M. Sc. Degree was from Luneburg University, Germany on March 2007 in the field of Water Management in tropical and subtropical region. He provided technical support to the decision makers in the Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation in terms of technical studies, data and information related to the development water projects in the Nile Basin. He jointly supervised a number of Master's thesis. He attended number of National, regional, and International conferences, workshops, and forums. He has number of publications in national and international journals.

Areas of expertise:

* Applied research on river hydraulics, Hydrology, water management processes
* Engineering problems Mathematical modeling specially in the field of groundwater either in the saturated or unsaturated zones
* In addition to some applications on the GIS and Remote sensing techniques