About HRI:

On 1975 Hydraulics Research Institute was established to take over and extend the work of the Hydraulics Research Experimental Station, founded in 1947. Hydraulics Research Institute (HRI) is one of twelve research institutes within the National Water Research Center (NWRC) of The Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation (MWRI) of Egyptian government. HRI constructed in critical region of River Nile of Egypt at west bank of Damietta Branch of the Nile River about 26 km north of Cairo (Egypt Capital). Since HRI established and still work with its main goal which is the largest specialized Institute in the region in water related research and river hydraulics studies. HRI is one of the oldest hydraulic institutes in the Middle East and Africa. The high reputation which was built within the region and at the International Level led HRI to become a focal point for researchers from all around the region and for technology transfer to the neighboring countries. HRI acquired this reputation from long practice, experience and excellent performance in solving real life problems. There is a strong link between the applied research activities of the institute and the needs of the National Water Research Centre and the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation development plans. In addition, the Institute carries out studies for other ministries, governmental and non-governmental bodies and consulting firms. Also, technical training and international cooperation in river engineering subjects have been helpful to build institutional capacity and sustain technology transfer programs. Today, HRI is considered as an important institute and focal point in the Nile basin region for cooperation and collaboration activities. This cooperation started in 1995 with the establishment of the Regional Training Centre to be a part of the Institute. In a short time the centre became well known not only within the Nile region but also further in the African Continent and Arab Peninsula. Believing in the importance of knowledge sharing, the institute is using knowledge networking, information and communication technology tools as means to transfer this experience to the Nile region and neighboring countries.

Some effective visits

• Visit of the President of Nigar Mr. Abd El Rahman Deuree with some Egyptian ministers on July 1962.
• Visit of the queen of the netherlands to HRI on 1999 , the photos show her Excellency with yellow dress, some of Delft Hydraulics staff , Prof. M. Abu Zeid (The minister of MWRI 1997-2009, Prof. Bahaa Saad is now the minister of MWRI.
• Nigerian delegation headed by H.E. The Minister of Federal Ministry of Water Resources ( Mrs. Sarah Reng Ochekpe) visited the Hydraulics Research Institute through official visit to Egypt on Saturday, June 1, 2013.