Physical Modelling

HRI’s physical hydraulic modeling laboratory operation has been meeting the needs of our clients since 1947. Clients from around the world have come to HRI's laboratory to witness model testing, and to participate in every phase of the hydraulic design process: from conceptual design through the refinement of final design details. HRI engineers work side-by-side with our clients in the laboratory, developing, observing and documenting the performance of alternative project designs to ensure the final design for the project will meet performance, technical and economic requirements. A very high percentage of our modeling work is performed for repeat clients. We take this as a testament to the utility of our modeling efforts in support of our clients, whether they are designers, decision makers or regulatory authorities. Our ability to offer a hybrid approach, combining physical modeling with numerical modeling and field observations, results in a very high degree of client confidence in final results produced and contributes to a very high degree of project credibility with decision makers, regulatory authorities, public participants and other project stakeholders.


HRI's physical hydraulic modeling operation, with laboratory space at the Delta Barrage (Alkanater) location totaling more than 30,000 sq meters, is the largest commercial operation in the middle east. We have accommodated models with footprints as large as 40 m by 30 m, and flows in excess of 2.0 cms. We operate in-house model fabrication and instrumentation shops, and can accommodate the most intricate of model-construction requirements and the most demanding of data-acquisition and experiment-control needs. HRI has performed physical modeling for hundreds of projects over since 1947. A detailed list of modeling projects is available upon request. Typical applications include: - Sedimentation - Navigation - Hydroelectric - Coastal - Industrial