We have been providing our consultancy services for over 35 years, drawing from the expertise of our professionals. We offer various services to decision makers and stakeholders in the arena of river and coastal engineering and science. We provide monitoring programs, modeling solutions, and validate and improve designs with the aim of reducing cost and minimizing risks. We support using natural processes as much as possible for the design and operation of infrastructure and recreational facilities. We also carry dedicated field survey campaigns and long term data collection for third party through our team of experts and equipment. We work for government, privet sector and commercial parties, and we carry out studies both on the national, regional and international scales, in addition to local scale studies.
Our areas of expertise cover riverine, estuarine, coastal environments, in addition to water resources management. Our areas of focus include: riverine structures, stream restoration, channel conveyance, lake flushing and circulation, the hydrodynamics and sediment dynamics of tidal estuaries, flats and marshes, and the design and analysis of power plant intakes and outfalls. In the field of industrial hydraulics, we investigate the performance of pump stations, pipeline network design and calibrate measurement instrumentation. We do water quality modeling and can track the dispersal of buoyant plumes or tracers (conservative or non-conservative) in rivers, lakes and coastal environments. We carry out studies on the effects of waves and currents on coastal structures. We use numerical modeling solvers either solely or coupled with scale models as tools to simulate your problem of interest. We can validate designs, and advise about improvements. Our facilities and experience allows us to carry out both small- and large-scale studies, customized to your objectives and budget.